Concours d’Art Oratoire

We would like to congratulate the grade 4 FI students on their excellent work for the French Public Speaking Competition.  Each student prepared a 5 paragraph speech on an interesting topic and presented it at an “in class” competition.  Every student was well prepared and presented an interesting speech.  Seven students were chosen from each class to present their speech at the RWBB Concours D’Art Oratoire which took place on April 26th in the Music Room. Here are the winners from the final  competition.

Third Place:

Kahlie Minnie

Lily Harris

Melodie Versavel


Second Place:

Monaco Gederon

Brooklyn Chetyrbok


First Place:

Eva Learmond

Jagger Ray-Tesluck


Félicitations to all the grade 4FI students!  A job well done!



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