The Grade 1 French Immersion classes have been exciting to dive right into spring!

1K went to Quarry Park to search for signs of spring.  We found buds growing on the trees, green grass,  and we saw tulips and lilies starting to grow in the garden at the entrance of Quarry park.  We were lucky enough to see water bugs, snails, and tadpoles in the pond.  We could hear the frogs chirping and saw some black birds singing as they sat in the tree.  We found a little tree just starting to grow and we even saw a bumble bee…. Yikes!  But, we love the honey that they make for us and they help the flowers too! The sun felt warm even though it was a bit windy.


1M has begun growing our very own bean seeds in the classroom. We spent some time talking about what plants need to grow and ways how plants and humans are the same! We designed and decorated our very own ‘serre’ (greenhouse in French) and placed them in the window to catch that very important sunlight filtering in. We were amazed to find that after only 3 short days, many of our bean seeds have sprouted ‘des racines’ (roots) and we will enjoy planting them in cups to watch them continue growing. Well done petits jardiniers!

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