Hé Ho! To Reading We Go!  This is our theme for RWBB I love to Read/J’aime Lire from February 2-24. Our theme is tied to Festival du Voyageur where if you like something you call out Hé Ho!  Who likes reading?  Hé Ho!

We will be kicking off I Love to Read with an assembly in the gym at 2 pm on Feb. 2. During February, students are invited to complete a Voyageur Reading Challenge at home which includes a variety of fun reading activities.  We encourage our students to “paddle through the pages” and complete all the challenges to enter their name in a draw for a $25.00 Chapters Gift Card on Feb. 24. Each grade level has a certain number of minutes to read in English, French or both every evening.  We will also have weekly guest readers visit each classroom, Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) everyday when you hear the Voyageur music playing, and Fridays to dress as a Voyageur. February 21- 24 is Festival du Voyageur at RWBB.  There will be traditional music, some gigues, snow sculptures and bannock. Our wind-up assembly on Friday, February 24th, will include a Voyageur sing-a-long, and a draw for 5 Chapter

gift cards – one for each grade level. We love reading at RWBB and look forward to a month of fun activities to celebrate J’aime Lire. Hé Ho!


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