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School Counselling Team

Hi, my name is Samantha Evans and I am the new Guidance Counsellor at ERWBBS. I have been in education for 14 years, teaching a variety of grades in elementary and middle school. For the last 8 years I have been a Learning Support Teacher and Guidance Counsellor. I completed my Post-bachelor in Counselling in 2012 and my Masters in Counselling Psychology in 2017. I am passionate about creating an environment where students feel safe and welcome. My hope is for all students to love coming to school! Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns at (204)467-5537, 

School Programs

Here are two programs that we are diving into at ERWBBS: 

The Zones of Regulation is a simplified way to think about our emotions in terms of 4 colours. When students can put their emotions into one of 4 categories, they can begin to choose the right tools to self-regulate and become more self-aware of what triggers a specific emotion. 


The Social Thinking Methodology provides strategies to help students develop social competencies, become flexible thinkers and problem solvers. This program targets conversations and social connection, executive functioning, friendship development, perspective taking and self-regulation. 



Student Tool Kit

Community Resources

Amy Friesen, BSW, RSW 

A.F Wellness 

phone: 204-461-3130 




Play therapy services: 

(204) 333-9804 


468 Academy Rd 


Rural And Northern CFS Interlake - Selkirk 

101-446 Main St. 

(204) 785-5106 


Klinic Crisis Line 

or 1-888-322-3019 
TTY 204-784-4097 


Manitoba Suicide Line 



Kids Help Phone 

Text CONNECT to 686868 


Mobile Crisis Unit  

343 Main St, Selkirk 

(204) 482-5376 



Student Tool kit: 

Pictures Book Suggestions

Below are some picture books to help with specific topics.

Many of these books are read aloud on YouTube.

Please preview them before sharing. 


The Invisible String by Patrice Karst – a picture book about being connected to the ones you love even if you can’t see them.

Click image for YouTube Video 


The Dream Jar by Johnson Lindan Lee – a picture book where an older sister helps her younger sister find a way to turn her nightmares into beautiful dreams.


The Way I Feel by Janan Cain – a picture to help children learn about their feelings and understanding that all feelings are good.


The Color Monster by Anna Llenas – a picture book that encourages children to open up and discuss how they are feeling especially when we have more than one feeling at the same time.


Enemy Pie by Derek Munson – a picture book about friendship, judgement and bullying 

The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright – a book about letting go of your worries and fears and feeling happy in the moment.


Julia Cook is a children’s book author who writes books with very specific topics to help families and teachers: .